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Blogging Masterclass

Starting a blog in 2021 can be an exciting experience.

Starting a successful blog can be even more exciting. In this once-in-a-year exclusive Masterclass, I’ll be your mentor guiding you through everything you need to know to get your blog up and running the right way.

My name is Kum Eric Tso and this is my 6th year as a blogger and my 3rd as a mentor to bloggers. Blogging comes with its challenges and benefits. Starting out the right way is very crucial especially if you’re a beginner.

Also, I’ll be providing the exact same helpful strategies used by the most successful bloggers to grow their blogs.

The training will consist of:

-7 Days Virtual Classes online
-Premium Step by Step video guides
-Free Blogging Resources
-Exclusive One-On-One Session
-Question & Answer Sessions
-And more….

Course Outline:

I.1 – Mindset
I.2 – My experience
I.3 – Objectives

II.1 – Planning
II.2 – Niche Selection

III.1 Choose a good platform
III.2 Creation of your blog
III.3 Create great blog content

IV – Master basic SEO

V – How to generate traffic

VI – Monetization

VII – How to grow and maintain your blog

Limited Places Available
Starts: 15th March 2021
Cost: $20 (10,000 FCFA / 8,000 Naira)

WhatsApp us to register: +237 677 44 63 47

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